Friday, December 1, 2006


Myrtle the Turtle (actually a Tortise).

As many know if you've read my journal for any amount of time, Carolyn and DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy/ Star Trek) were friends of mine. Along with a Lasa Apso named Fancy, they owned a Desert Tortise named Mrytle.

DeForest used to say at conventions when asked why they chose a Tortise for a pet, "Carolyn and I like to keep something around the house that's older then us!"

Below are the first photo's Carolyn ever took with a disposable camera (we won't talk about her "aim" lol) of Me and Myrtle. (taken about 14 yrs ago)




(are you noticing that what they fed Myrtle was carefully cut up and served to her on a lettuce leaf?!)

Anyway.... I only brought up the subject to begin with because Astaryth chose to show a beautiful photo of a tortise on her journal, and it brought all sorts of memories flooding into my mind... mostly the fact that I used to draw a cartoon of Myrtle for the Kelley's whenever i wrote them a letter or note. At first Carolyn thought Sue (President of De's Fan Club and good friend) drew them because she drew one for the Fan Club Newsletter that she made.

Once she realized I was drawing my "own" Myrtle she dubbed me "CopyCat", which became how I signed my drawings and any art work after that until recently.

This is a quick one minute drawing of how I drew "Myrtle"...


I had her do things as a child would. Mom and Dad were Carolyn and De of course. And I'd have her get into trouble at times or find some way to make a joke and use Myrtle at the same time... This went on for years.

Myrtle was always drawn with a fine felt tip pen and always plain black and white... but after I drew this for this post I decided to see what she would look like colorized on the computer...


Gosh.. how I wish they could see Myrtle now.....


ps.. oh by the way.. since Madcobug asked: Myrtle lived outside in their backyard, where she had dug a hole to hibernate in the winter. One year it rained badly and she almost drowned. After that the Kelley's put her in a box (asleep) and she wintered in the box in their garage until she stirred awake in the spring, then they put her out again. When the Kelley's passed away Myrtle was given to their good friend next door, Don. Since then he has passed away also, and I don't know what has become of Myrtle.

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