Sunday, December 17, 2006

Will the Real Myrtle Please Stand UP

A few posts back I talked about Myrtle, the Kelley's tortoise. I looked for a picture I knew I had that was a good one of her and didn't find it so I had posted "me and myrtle" pictures.

Well... I don't remember what i was looking for yesterday, but I found the picture of Myrtle I had wanted the first time! And here it is...

Isn't she cute? (well.. for a tortoise..) That's Carolyn's hand holding her little head up so that De could take the photo.

After I found the picture I once again, digressed to when I used to make the cartoons for the Kelley's. But since I can't do it for them.. I did one for my journal.

Remember, I had always drawn Myrtle as if she was their "child" (since they had no kids of their own). De was always drawn as legs with cowboy boots. Carolyn would be legs and high heels (though she never wore them). Anyway, here's a typical type of "running cartoon" I would draw for them. (only you get to see it in living color!)

Myrtle was always fun to do. I always knew she'd bring a smile or a giggle from the Kelley's.

But I had no idea that when I did a "ruff" sketch and scanned it into the computer to colorize that it would take me so long to do it! It took the better part (on and off) of a whole day! I don't think becoming a "computer cartoonist" is in my near future!