Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tired Eyes

This is how I spent my day yesterday..

making 19 frames to that I could have Myrtle "alive" for the first time...

I guess I couldn't get the idea out of my head about characters coming alive.

It's jerky but that's because I had to move her more then you would for a "real film". As it is someone on dialup may have trouble loading 19 frames. I did shrink it down from the size I worked with to help for loading purposes... plus 400 pixels is the limit on my blogspot journal and I will post it both there and aol.

Anyway.. working in pixels really puts a strain on these old eyes. By the time I finished all the frames my eyes were stinging and I could barely stay awake to watch "Enterprise" on the Sci Fi Station. (they show 3 shows every monday evening.. starting from the very beginning)

It took many hours to do this. I kept taking short breaks when the nerves in my mouse hand would shake from clicking so much. It would have been a whole lot easier if I had a WACOM pad.

I had the smallest (and cheapest) Wacom Pad once but it won't work with XP. Seeing as the cheapest one is 100.00 I haven't replaced it. It's a pretty great thing to have if you do alot of art work on the computer.

I'm glad all I had to do today was to put the frames together in Animation Shop because I think my eyes need a break lol.. they won't really get one though, I know I'll pick up Inkspell and do some reading before the day is over.

'Till the next time...

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